About Epson L800 printer – Review Features

Review about Epson L800 Inkjet Photo Printer

Recently, Epson have added another printer into their L-range which is Epson L800 Inkjet Photo Printer.

About Epson L800 printer - Review Features

This printer is a photo printer which provides high volume of printing at high quality and ultra running cost. However, this photo printer does have some disadvantage. Let take a deeper look to see whether Epson L800 is a right investment.

The Design of Epson L800 Inkjet Photo Printer

From the outside, Epson L800 Inkjet Photo Printer looks like other average printer with rectangular shape and matte black cover. It differentiate by the ink tank system attached to the side of this printer. Although Epson L800 can only perform a single function, its size is slightly large.

On the left of the printer front, there is three buttons with three LED indicators separately for each button. The first one is power button, the second is the low ink level warning and the third is the paper jam alert. The front side is almost matte black with the exception of the grey plastic bar where the manufacturer places 3 main buttons. Like other printer, you can see the typical trays and lids where the paper comes into. The rear is even more straight forward. There is a Ethernet port for USB cable in the canvas. In general, there is nothing to tell about the design of Epson L800 printer.

Installation and Running Expense

Like its predecessor, which is the L120, Epson L800 is simple to install if you have a Windows operating systems. For the users of Windows 7 and 8, simply connect the computer to printer via USB cable. Then, it is criticalto download its printer driver from its website. It takes few steps to do before you can truly start printing.

The first thing to do is to print some pages to test. During this process, you might figure out some colour is off which need a deep cleanse via the self-cleaning option inside the printer. After few runs later, problem solved.

There is a switch which allows the flow of ink to go to the print head while printing. When you are moving the printer, remember to switch it off to prevent ink to leak out.

In general, the setup of L800 is not as easy as the L20’s. To get the most satisfied photo printing, it’d better edit them on the downloaded software.

Epson L800 printer is a cost-saving inkjet photo printer. In comparison with the L210, the initial cost of Epson L800 is R2,200 more, which means it take you R4,499 to own this inkjet printer. This price goes along with the newly-added features which we will take a deeper look later.

The bottles of ink can deliver 1800 prints whose size is 10 x 15 cm with high quality. There is 6 ink bottles (70ml each) including black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan and light magenta. These ink bottles can be refilled independently so it will reduce refill fee drastically. During the installation, consumers need to fill individual tank with the provided ink.

Features of Epson L800

Like other printers in the L-range, Epson L800 has its own ink tank system which is provided by Epson. Thanks to this features, Epson L800 inkjet photo printer helps you to reduce running expense. The ink tank system is responsible for providing a continuous ink flow to the print head, Micro Piezo, which allows the printer to deliver photos with vibrant color and small ink usage. These print heads can print photo with the resolution of 5760x1440dpi in maximum. Otherwise, it is equipped with VSDT, which is allow each head to release three different droplet size from the high to the low quality printing, which depend on users.

Epson L800 printer can print up borderless to A4 paper size with the most dynamic color. The printing speeds is about 13 seconds for both black and color print in draft mode. For higher quality print, it will take around 30 seconds to print borderless A4 paper size. Also, Epson has enclosed a software disk with the Epson Creativity Suite software for photo editing. Using this software, users are able to edit the pictures before printing. Besides, this inkjet photo printer is equipped with a removable paper tray which can be replaced with CDs/DVDs trays. Customer can print directly onto CDs/DVSs.

There are a few shortcomings while using Epson L800 printer. One of the most concerning drawbacks of Epson L800 is the shortage of quick printing options. To get the best result of photo printing, users need to spend time with the printer driver with each photo before printing.

Also, there is only one input for printing via US cable so you can neither scan nor flash drive. There is no Ethernet port or Wi-Fi capabilities.

Epson L800 Inkjet Photo Printer – Verdict

Overall, the Epson L800 Inkjet Photo Printer fulfills its missions as a photo printer well. It delivers beautiful photo printing with vibrant color and details. However, you might consider the fact that it does not have much connection options but USB cable. Although the price is quite high, this printer is worth to invest for the long run.